Career Service

Consulting and Coaching on Career Entry

With our wide range of consulting services, we support you personally and individually with your questions about career orientation, profile formation, application and professional appearance in job interviews right from the beginning of your studies. Webinars with different focuses complement our offer and put you in contact with potential employers.

Students, graduates and doctoral candidates of the University of Tübingen can use the consulting service up to three times with one consultant and is free of charge up to six months after completion of their studies.

The consultants have several years of professional experience in consulting and coaching.

You ask yourself the following questions:

  • How can I combine my studies with praxis?
  • Where would I like to get involved professionally?
  • What should I choose: Master's degree, doctorate, career entry?
  • How do I efficiently search for job offers?
  • Are my application documents okay?
  • How do I act convincingly and professionally in the interview?

Then please contact us for a consultation appointment exclusively by e-mail or come by in the open online consultation-hour.

Are you doing your doctorate and see your professional future in the academic world? You will get support from our colleagues at the Graduate Academy.

You want to start a business? Then our colleagues from the Startup Center Tübingen will be happy to help you.

Are you looking for an internship, a working student position, a Hiwi position or an entry-level position? On the Practice Portal you will find what you need.

Further courses on career orientation and transdisciplinary education can be found in the Transdisciplinary Course Program (TCP) on  alma


Your Contact to Us

Ruven Wiljan
Consultation on Career Orientation, Application and Job Interview

ruven.wiljanspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de 
 +49 7071 29-77091

Sabine Sambeth
Consultation and Coaching with Focus on Career Orientation, Lateral Entry, Selfmanagement und Profil building
sabine.sambethspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de 
+49 7071 29-77090
Office hours: Monday to Wednesday