Student Activities

Students at the University of Tübingen have various opportunities to become involved in University policymaking.

The Student Union (Verfasste Studierendenschaft)

Student representation in the faculties: Faculty council and Faculty representation

At least five elected students sit on the Faculty council (§ 16 Grundordnung University of Tübingen).

All students at the faculty are members of the Faculty student council. Each Faculty student council elects representatives (§ 19 Organisationssatzung der Verfassten Studierendenschaft) who decide on matters regulated at the faculties.

The Faculty representatives and student council represent the interests of the students to the Faculty and the University. The Faculty student council provides additional services to those provided by events organized by the Faculty. This includes introductory events for new students, an academic advisory service, the organisation of celebrations and other events.

Involvement in University of Tübingen committees

Elected student representatives sit as members in the following decisionmaking bodies:

Student groups and initiatives

The University of Tübingen is home to many student groups and initiatives which are active in the fields of politics, the environment, or in social policy.

Student Committment Prize

Since 2010 the University of Tübingen has singled out individual students or student groups who have made an outstanding contribution to student life by awarding the Student Committment Prize.

Service learning and civic engagement

The Transdisciplinary Course Program offers service learning seminars that link academic teaching with civic engagement. In these seminars with a strong practical component, you can earn key qualification points.