Social Events

Throughout the year the Welcome Center organizes a variety of events for international PhD students and postdocs at the University of Tuebingen and their family members to provide opportunities for you to make friends and get to know your new home as soon as possible. If you have registered with us (https://www.welcomecenter.uni-tuebingen.de), you can opt to be put on our mailing list during the time of your stay. You will then receive emails from us about 1 - 2 weeks before any event, containing further event as well as sign up information. 

Please note: Since we are continually expanding our range of events, it's possible that further events will be added or dates of existing events will change. Just keep an eye out for our emails!

We look forward to seeing you at our events!

January 2022



February 2022

Feb 08 (Tue): Intercultural Workshop - ONLINE


March 2022

Mar 24 (Thu): Intercultural Workshop - ONLINE

April 2022

May 2022

May 23 (Mon): Intercultural Workshop - ONLINE


June 2022

July 2022



August 2022



September 2022



October 2022

Oct 27 (Thu): Intercultural Workshop - ONLINE

November 2022

December 2022

Dec 09 (Fri): Intercultural Workshop - ONLINE