Semester ticket

Students at the University of Tübingen are entitled to a discounted semester ticket for local public transport.

The semester ticket is valid on all buses and trains in the NALDO public transport network, which includes the greater districts of Tübingen, Reutlingen, Zollernalbkreis and Sigmaringen.

The semester ticket currently costs 84,90 € per semester. It is valid for one full semester.

To buy your semester ticket, present your student ID (Chipcard) with valid semester stamp and hand over the "Bescheinigung für das Semesterticket" which you received together with your data sheet (Leporello) and any other enrollment papers. The ticket is only valid with your signature and in combination with your student ID card.

No-one else is allowed to use your semester ticket. If you lose it, you must buy another one.

The semester ticket is available anywhere bus or train tickets are sold in Tübingen http://www.svtue.de/verkaufsstellen.html or Reutlingen, from Omnibus Groß in Rottenburg and at all HzL and DB sales points in the NALDO area.

The semester ticket can also be ordered online at https://www.naldo.de/ (Tickets & Preise ⇒ Online-Semesterticket ⇒ Link zum Onlineshop der Bahn) or www.dbregio-shop.de (Semestertickets ⇒ naldo Semestertickets ⇒ Uni Tübingen).

If you have further questions, contact the Verkehrsverbund naldo.