Center for Islamic Theology


"Seeking knowledge is a duty to every Muslim." - Prophet Mohammed (s.a.s.)

Teaching at the ZITH serves the exploration and mediation of Islamic theological disciplines. Our approach is both scientific and confession-oriented. The main focus is on the sources of Islamic faith, but Islamic Doctrine at the ZITH is linked with the humanities as well as the cultural and social sciences. The aim is to create a complementary, academically reasoned perspective on Islamic faith which scientifically explores the foundations of Muslim belief.

Research at the ZITH is a chance to shape Islamic discourse in Germany and all over the world.

The main research areas of the chairs are:

Other research groups and collaborations in Tübingen include the Postgraduate Programme Islamic Theology, which is promoted by the Mercator Foundation, and the Junior Research Group "rationality and reason in Muslim life and thought in a global and pluralistic context. Concepts of Islamic theology."

Research at the ZITH is carried out in collaboration with other departments of the University of Tübingen. These include mainly Catholic and Protestant Theology, Philosophy, Oriental Studies, Islamic Studies, Arabic Philology and Cultural Studies.

Moreover the ZITH collaborates with other universities (eg College of Jewish Studies in Heidelberg), including teacher training colleges where Islamic religious education is taught, and the Academy der of the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart. Besides, the cooperation with universities where Islamic Studies are to be established (Erlangen-Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Münster/Osnabrück) is a major priority for the ZITH.