Center for Islamic Theology


Transcript of records

You can request your transcript of records from the examination office. We can provide the document either in German or in English. The issuing will take some weeks, depending on the current workload.


You can receive certificates for your study courses in the examination office. If you have registered for the course on CAMPUS and you have fulfilled the necessary requirements, we will automatically issue a certificate after the end of the semester. You can pick your certificates up in mid-May for the winter semester and in mid-November for the summer semester.

In case you attended study courses that are not listed on CAMPUS, you can find a template for the confirmation of your participation and examination here.

Study certificate according to §48 BAföG

The examination office processes BAföG-study certificates. Please fill in the upper part of the certificate and post it into the mailbox of the examination office.

It takes approx. 2 weeks to issue the certificate, as we need to verify your study results.

If you need the certificate for a semester of the degree other than the 4th, please note it on the document.

Acceptance of Doctorate candidates

Please fill in the form. Once your supervisor has signed it, please hand it in to Ms. Schlenker who will forward the form for signing and sealing to the Center’s management. You can pick the document up after a couple of days.