Center for Islamic Theology

Advisory Council

The University of Tübingen as well as DITIB (Diyanet Isleri Türk-Islam Birligi), IGBD (Islamic Community of Bosniaks in Germany) and VIKZ (National Association of Islamic Cultural Centers) formed a denominational advisory council for the Center for Islamic Theology of the University of Tübingen in 2011. Its composition follows the recommendations of the Government’s Science Council, which had proposed to establish theologically competent experts to act in an advisory capacity. The participation rights of the confessional Advisory Council arise from constitutional law and do not dictate the contents of the study of theology, the education of religion teachers nor any other academic program at the Center.


To maintain academic freedom, the Council advises exclusively upon denominational relevant issues, as is also the case of church involvement in Christian theological faculties at the University. Five of the seven council members are nominated by the associations mentioned above. Here, DITIB has three votes, VIKZ and IGBD each have one vote. In addition, two independent Muslim experts, each with a vote form part of the Advisory Councils membership, suggested by the President of the University. For the five alternate members, the same procedure applies.


In the case of violations caused by the Council, it is bound to the “Landeshochschulgesetz”. The university’s Rector will initially summon a committee consisting of Islamic theologians, academics from other faculties as well as representatives of different university groups. If disciplinary procedures are required there is an appeal process akin to the Christian theological faculties at the university. All disciplinary procedures work in accordance with the university’s own rules and regulations and if termination of members is required, the process of appointment for the Council is restarted.


Members of the Advisory Council are as follows:


1. Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Džafić, Member (IGBD). Theologian (Imam) at IKZ für Bosnier e.V. in Stuttgart.


2. Bilal Hodžić, representative (IGBD). Consultant of IGBD e.V.


3. Ömer Yavuz, Member (VIKZ). Theologian at KDTI e.V. Herrenberg.


4. N.N., Representative (VIKZ)


5. Gürcan Mert, Chairman (DITIB). Theologian at DITIB - Zentrum für Soziale Unterstützung e.V.


6. Murat Şahinarslan, representative (DITIB). Theologian at DITIB Zentralmosque Köln.


7. Seat Uzeirovski, Member (DITIB). Muslim Chaplain at DITIB Zentralmosque Köln.


8. N.N., representative (DITIB)


9. Fatma Türk, Member (DITIB). Masters student.


10. Ali Ipek, representative (DITIB).


11. Dr. Hussein Hamdan (independent member). Project Manager – Akademie der Diözese Rottenburg-Stuttgart.


12. Talha Taşkınsoy, representative (independent). Educational staff at Beratungsstelle Hessen.


13. Yasemin Zeytin, Member (independent). Theologian at Ayasofya Mosque Friedberg.


14. N.N., representative (independent)


Chairman of the Advisory Council is Mr. Gürcan Mert.