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Who are our former alumni and what are they doing now? What are their interests, where did their paths take them? What did they conduct research on, what have they published? What tips or advice do they have to pass on to other former students/alumni/alumnae?

You can read articles and stories from your alumni network here.


LinkingMind: From South Africa to Germany

PhD candidate Anna Berger (Tübingen) and Research Alumnus Dr. Josiah Nyanda (Witwatersrand) talk…

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The problem is partly historical: how does a nation come to terms with the shadow-side of its own history?

In Conversation with Research Alumnus Dr. Duncan Reid, Anglican priest, head of Religious Education…

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"I am a pharmacist and have always been interested in the search for new drugs."

In Conversation with Research Alumna Professor Márcia Goettert, Professor of Biotechnology and…

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