International research funding

Researchers at the University of Tübingen who want to collaborate with international partners have a range of funding options at their disposal. There are intramural funds for joint projects with partner institutions of strategic importance as well as third-party funding possibilities. To find the right international format, academics can obtain advice from the Unit for International Research Cooperation and Research Strategies. A range of resources is also available for international scholars wanting to spend some time in Tübingen.

Funding international projects

Depending on the planned project, advice is available for researchers seeking to initiate international projects. Please see section “Research support in Tübingen” for details.

Guidelines for the submission of research proposals

When you are seeking external funding for research projects in any funding format that as part of the application process requires the signature of the University management, you must observe the following:

Applications must be submitted to the IFK (International Research Cooperation) in good time, no later than 4 weeks before the funding institution’s deadline, in order to ensure that the content and form of the application can be checked. Draft applications can also be sent to the IFK beforehand and at an early planning stage, to help optimize support for the research project.

For proposals that do not require the signature of University management but are expected to incur follow-up costs (such as required basic equipment, temporary staffing issues, etc.), the IFK team should also be contacted at the earliest possible time prior to submission.

We refer in all other respects to the President’s Office resolution dated 31.10.2018 regarding the regulations for the submission of third-party funding applications.

Funding your stay at a partner university