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Funding & scholarships

There are many forms of funding and scholarships that you can use to support your research at the University of Tübingen. Find out about the options and get advice here. 

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We foster your academic career

Researcher Development Program

Being a researcher means more than just researching. So we offer a comprehensive program of continuing professional development (CPD) in the fields of teaching, careers development, leadership and management.

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Research service

Our research service offers comprehensive advice services to support you throughout your academic work. Ask for information about financing options, calls for applications and start-up support.

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Coaching, advice, mentoring

Individual coaching, careers advice, mentoring for women: The Graduate Academy provides advice and support covering an extensive range of organizational and structural aspects of gaining a doctorate and the postdoc phase – both in the early days and later on.

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Certificate Programs

Certificates are a sign of additional interdisciplinary qualification. The Graduate Academy currently offers the certificate programs "Leadership in Academia, Industry & Society" and "Science Communication and Media Competence" for graduated researchers.

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Human Resources Strategy for Researchers

In 2017, we became one of the first German universities to be certified in the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) audit. We are continuously working to improve your research and working conditions. 

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Information for international researchers

Funding your research

“Funding your research in Germany” brochure
Do you want to know about planning an academic career in Germany? Produced by the Research in Germany initiative, which is funded by the German government, this brochure offers an insight into the possibilities.

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The German Research Landscape

“The German Research Landscape” brochure
Produced by the Research in Germany initiative, which is funded by the German government, this brochure offers initial insights into the German research landscape.  

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Have we offered you a job or a scholarship? Congratulations and welcome! You can find key information about moving to Tübingen here. 

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Our Welcome Center

We support you before and during your stay at our University. International academics are welcome to talk to us about any non-academic and practical matters.  

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Your pay

What are TV-L E13 and TV-L E14? They stand for salary scale levels. As an employee of the University of Tübingen you work for the federal state’s public services. So your salary is set in a transparent way. You can find out about the salary scale (TV-L E) and related salaries here. 

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The German welfare state

As an employee in Germany you enjoy many benefits: here are a few of the main ones.


Health insurance
As a rule, if you are a university employee you must have health insurance. This gives you access to a wide range of health services. 

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Retirement pension
If you are a university employee you contribute to the German pension insurance scheme. This allows you to build up an entitlement to a pension when you retire.

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Unemployment insurance
If you are a university employee you contribute to the unemployment insurance scheme. If you become unemployed, you may receive approx. 60% of your salary for up to 12 months in the first year of unemployment.

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Maternity leave, parental leave, family allowance
The family receives special protection from the German state. If you work in Germany you are entitled to various services to help you combine family life and work. 

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College of Fellows
We encourage the exchange of ideas. The College of Fellows enables our international researchers to network and discuss current research topics with others from different disciplines.

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Learning German

Our German as a foreign language department offers various ways of learning German – in the mornings and evenings too.  

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