Our work is important and worthwhile. Our academics educate the next generation and develop solutions to social challenges, and our academic support service staff create the conditions that make this possible. University of Tübingen employees also receive numerous benefits. 

A secure job

The University of Tübingen is a reliable employer. We offer you the prospect of long-term employment in the public service.

30 days’ vacation

Full-time employees are entitled to thirty days’ vacation a year.

Flexible working hours

Flexible working, teleworking, sabbaticals – we offer flexible working arrangements so that you can optimally arrange your working day. 

Occupational pension

We offer additional retirement and reduced earning capacity pensions, as well as benefits for surviving dependents. 

JobtTicket (BW travel pass)

We subsidize your JobTicket (local travel pass), a convenient and environmentally-friendly way to commute. You can also use the pass for very cheap public transport use in your spare time.

Fit and healthy

University Sports Center

The University Sports Center offers staff an affordable way to enjoy more than 350 courses in 40 types of sport every semester

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Corporate health services

We provide a wide range of face-to-face and online services to help you stay healthy at work and keep active.

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Mensa canteens and cafeterias

If you are hungry or thirsty there is a selection of Mensa canteens and cafeterias.

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Psychosocial counseling service

We can provide free, anonymous and confidential support in the event of conflicts, psychosocial stress and other problems. 

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Information for international staff

As an employee in Germany you enjoy many benefits. Most Germans are familiar with these benefits, but they may be new to some international staff. Here are a few of the main ones. 

Social insurance, health insurance and pension

For professors

Generally, professors are employed as public servants. You can read about how this benefits your social insurance, health insurance and pension here.

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For employees

As an employee in Germany you enjoy many benefits:


Health insurance

As a university employee you must have health insurance. This gives you access to a wide range of health services. 

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Retirement pension

If you are a university employee you contribute to the German pension insurance scheme. This allows you to build up an entitlement to a pension when you retire.

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Unemployment insurance

If you are a university employee you contribute to the unemployment insurance scheme. If you become unemployed, you may receive approx. 60% of your salary for up to 12 months in the first year of unemployment.

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Maternity leave, parental leave, family allowance

The family receives special protection from the German state. If you work in Germany you are entitled to various benefits to help you combine family life and work. 

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Reasons to work for us