Optimal study conditions

At the University of Tübingen, research is part of learning

Tübingen is a research university, a fact which is reflected in our teaching strategies. Many of our teaching staff are internationally respected researchers. They do not merely communicate the latest knowledge in a subject; they also integrate critical thought and methods into their academic work. This ensures that our students confront research issues early and are actively included in research projects.

International networks

A far-reaching network of international partner institutions gives Tübingen students many opportunities to gain experience outside Germany. Internationally-oriented study programs and a number of degrees - particularly among our Master’s and doctoral programs - taught in languages other than German enable students to experience an international environment right here in Tübingen.

Expanding horizons

Alongside academic studies in a particular subject, professional training is an important part of a degree at the University of Tübingen. The Studium Professionale and a number of other services provide our students with the opportunity to develop professional skills and to follow up on personal areas of interest to create a strong individual profile. Our overall concept includes opportunities for students to integrate social and environmental involvement into their study programs.

We will give help if you need it.

A wide variety of advice and counselling services is available to you throughout your time at the University of Tübingen - whether you need help with your study choices, with study problems, or regarding your future career.

Practical approaches

Studying in an ivory tower was yesterday. At the University of Tübingen, we ensure that our students experience practical applications of their studies, and we offer support with the transition from studying to working life.

Innovative teaching

The University of Tübingen promotes innovative teaching formats and methods such as peer learning and blended learning - a combination of digital aids and conventional classes. The University is continually expanding other formats, such as virtual rhetoric and digital recording of lectures. Once a year the University awards its Teaching Prize to particularly dedicated teaching staff.

Prizing diversity

Our students come from many different countries and have widely varying background knowledge. So we seek to level the playing field by offering a number of services to support the individual.

High quality of life

Tübingen is characterized by the University and its history. University buildings are located from the historical old town center and around Tübingen’s most modern districts. And the University’s 28,000 students fill the place with life and energy. They give Tübingen the lowest average age of any city in Germany. .

New ideas

We work continuously to further improve teaching and general conditions for students. To this end, the University initiated the Study Successfully in Tübingen Program (ESIT) project.