Excellent research conditions

Infrastructure and funding

Clusters of Excellence

We have three Clusters of Excellence, top-class research institutes that unite researchers from various departments to work together at the highest level.

CMFI   iFIT   Machine Learning

Core Facilities

We offer our researchers state-of-the-art technical infrastructure, including five core facilities where they can make use of complex technical equipment.

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Research service

Our research service has extensive amenities to support your scientific work, and can inform you about funding opportunities. 

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Intramural funding program

We offer a variety of intramural funding options designed to strengthen international networking and support early-career researchers and equal opportunities. 

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Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2024

Networking and cooperation

Cyber Valley

We are a founding partner in Cyber Valley, Europe’s largest research cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence.

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Tübingen Research Campus

Tübingen is home to many research institutes besides the University. Tübingen Research Campus intensifies local cooperation and offers shared services to new researchers. 

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College of Fellows

We encourage the exchange of ideas. The College of Fellows enables our international researchers to network and discuss current research topics with others from different disciplines.

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International cooperation

We have close relationships with partner institutions all around the world, and encourage our researchers to cooperate internationally. 

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A great history


Count Eberhard the Bearded founded the University of Tübingen with four faculties: Theology, Law, Medicine, Philosophy.

Great thinkers

Hölderlin, Hegel and Schelling all studied at Tübingen at the same time.

Life sciences

Foundation of the first life sciences faculty at a German university.


Tübingen admits women as students.


More than 20,000 students enrolled


The University of Tübingen named a University of Excellence in recognition of its Excellence Strategy.

Women in leadership

For the first time in its history, the University is headed by a woman: Professor Karla Pollmann.

Core research areas

From artificial intelligence to human evolution: discover the ten core research areas of our university.

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Reasons to work for us