Research alumni

The University of Tübingen and its institutes host numerous scholars from around the globe – PhD students, visiting lecturers, researchers, professors and postdocs – who engage in various research projects.

Following their research stays, the Alumni Relations team aims to provide research alumni with opportunities to maintain connections at the University of Tübingen and to enhance the alumni network with their diverse expertise and experiences.

Dear research alumni, we would like to extend an invitation to join our network and take advantage of our range of opportunities, activities, and events. Please find formats designed specifically for you on this page.

Services for research alumni

Share your research news

The University of Tübingen is proud of its research alumni and the research they conduct.
To all research alumni, join the University in celebrating your achievements! We would love to hear more about your latest insights and findings and share them with the UT community and our followers on social media. Send us an email

Research Ambassadors

Meet our UT Research Ambassadors residing across four different continents. Find out more about exciting research collaborations and exchange opportunities. Find our research ambassadors

College of Fellows

The College of Fellows is dedicated to fostering international and interdisciplinary exchange, both within the University and with the broader public. Learn more about the College of Fellows, the University’s Institute for Advanced Studies for international scholars. Link to the College of Fellows


UT Reloaded Scholarship

Apply for funding to finance your research stay at the University of Tübingen or to organize alumni meetings abroad. Information on the UT Reloaded Scholarship

Fund your research

Cutting-edge research requires adequate financial backing. Find out more about funding available to UT research alumni. Details on research funding

Job openings for researchers at the University of Tübingen

Would you like to continue your career in academia at the University of Tübingen? Current job openings

Tübingen Reloaded: Insights

In the “Tübingen Reloaded: Insights” series, we interview research alumni who have returned to the University of Tübingen on a Tübingen Reloaded grant.