Planning and Development of Degree Programs

Are you interested in introducing or developing a new degree program? The team of Dept. III 1 supports you in your project. We will advise you on all your questions regarding your degree programme, including modularization, skills orientation, the design of examination regulations, cooperation and appeal procedures. In this context, we work together with all those involved in the faculties, the administration and the Rectorate. We support several committees related to the development of degree programs and internal accreditation procedures. 

We offer you a wide range of opportunities for sharing ideas and networking on all aspects of curriculum development: whether it's the conception of degree programs, the design of profile lines, the teachability and studyability of teaching and learning units or legal issues - together we will find solutions. We offer various event formats in the field of curriculum development on a regularly or on demand basis. The "Curriculum Designer" series of events has complemented our portfolio since 2023 and addresses program directors and coordinators, those responsible for teaching and learning and anyone who develops degree programs.

Are you interested in awards or calls for proposals in the field of teaching and learning? We will support you in applying for the teaching awards and the special awards as well as in other external tenders. In the pilot phase (2023/24), we also provide funding for innovative teaching projects.


Dr. Christian Zettl

Head of Section

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Deputy Head of Section

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Secretariat Division III


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