Funding formats innovative teaching projects

Venturing more innovative teaching! Funding formats for innovative teaching projects and the further development of teaching at the University of Tübingen

The possibility of funding concept teams continues after the ESIT sub-project Innovative Curricula (ICPL) has come to an end. During the pilot phase of the funding formats (2023/2024), innovative teaching projects can be funded. The funding formats for innovative teaching projects are aimed at teachers in the faculties, the interdisciplinary area and other teaching institutions. With a view to possible transfer potential for other subjects, there is the opportunity to provide insight into these project plans.

For all your questions on this topic, the team of Dept. III 1 advises and supports you.

Funding conditions

The pilot phase of the funding formats will be continued in 2024/2025. In the 2024/2025 funding phase, projects that can be assigned to the thematic focus "Promoting critical thinking in science and society" will be funded. Funding will be provided for innovation projects (maximum funding amount: 5,000 euros), transfer projects (maximum funding amount: 7,500 euros) and micro-projects (maximum funding amount: 1,000 euros). The aim is to fund selected projects that address different phases or levels of study, open up spaces for experimentation, design teaching innovations in courses, develop module concepts, implement profile or focus lines or design entire curricula.

The funding period is a maximum of one year, with a project duration of one year ideally including one semester for conception and (material) development and another semester for the implementation, testing and evaluation of the teaching-learning concept. The funding period is expressly not extended depending on the submission date, but ends in any case on 31.03.2025 at the latest.

  • Application deadline: December 04, 2023 to February 12, 2024
  • Earliest possible start of funding: March 18 or 31, 2024
  • Project conference: Winter semester 2024/25
  • End of the funding period (pilot phase): March 18 or 31, 2025
  • Project duration: up to 12 months

Further funding information and the application forms can be found here.