Special applications for studies

In certain special cases, there are special possibilities to apply for a place at the University of Tübingen. There are the following application possibilities:

For an advanced semester

This requires creditable course work and examination results. Suitable for students who rise in ranks (Aufrücker) as well as for those who transfer between universities (Hochschulortwechsler) and those who interrupt their studies. Students who have previously studied other subjects and who have earned credits in the desired new degree programme can also apply (transfer students [Quereinsteiger] or students transferring from other subjects [Fachwechsler]).

Via the admission by lot procedure

The admission by lot procedure is used for the allocation of study places for the first academic semester of all degree programmes with restricted admission (bachelor and master), if study places remain unfilled after completion of the procedure for subsequent admissions. Please note the separate deadlines.

About the quota of top athletes (Spitzensportler)

This application can only be made for the first semester of a degree programme which is locally restricted. The application is open to athletes who belong to a national A, B or C squad of a federal sports association of the German Olympic Sports Federation.

Via an application for hardship

An application for hardship can only be made for the first semester of a degree programme with restricted admissions by German national holders or German equated applicants. Study places of the hardship quota will be awarded upon application to applicants for whom it would mean exceptional hardship if they were not admitted to the course of study stated in the main application. An exceptional hardship exists if special social or family reasons within the applicant's own person make immediate admission to the course of study absolutely necessary.

University entrance for professionally qualified persons ("study without higher education entrance qualification")

Professionally qualified people without a university entrance qualification from school (Abitur) can also apply to study at the University of Tübingen. A distinction is made between general university entrance for master craftsmen and graduates of equivalent vocational further education and subject-specific higher education entrance qualification for other vocationally qualified persons via an aptitude test.

Via the entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulreife) or subject-restricted higher education entrance qualification (fachgebundene Hochschulreife) in connection with the "Deltaprüfung" test

Anyone who has a recognised entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences or a subject-restricted higher education entrance qualification in Baden-Württemberg and wishes to study in a bachelor's degree programme to which the acquired university entrance qualification does not entitle them, can acquire the general university entrance qualification for a bachelor's degree programme by successfully passing a special qualification examination ("Deltaprüfung" test).

For a parallel programme

A degree programme in which two courses of study are studied in parallel.

As a guest student

Persons who can prove that they have sufficient education - the higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) is not required - and who wish to further their education can be admitted as guest students. The guest auditor's permit is granted for one semester at a charge (currently 50 Euro).