Tübingen - International & European Studies

4-week on-site programs throughout the year offer students from all over the world a chance to come to study in Tübingen, make friends, learn the language, and study Europe and the European Union at the University of Tübingen, one of Germany's top universities in the "Excellent" class. The T-IES Summer and Winter Schools are designed for advanced undergraduate and/or MA students (in their first year) from the social sciences and / or humanities with basic EU knowledge and a strong general interest in Europea and the EU. All schools include German Language classes.


Tübingen - Virtual Intercultural Program

TÜ-VIP are 10-week online programs starting in February or October which offer courses on Sustainability, Politics, Intercultural Communication, German and other language courses, as well as classes on Identity, Culture, and Human Rights. We even have an online buddy program so you can get to know Tübingen and what life is like here. Our courses can be taken in addition to your studies at home while opening doors for networking and future careers. 

TÜ-VIP MINIs is for (international) Master's students who are coming to study in Tübingen and to those degree-seeking students who are not yet sure, which German university they should ultimately choose. This multi-day online program offers various module insights into Tübingen and its' university. 

TÜ-VIP START is a hybrid online and on-site course specifically designed for our new Master students here in Tübingen! Arriving at a new university is never easy - there are so many things to do, questions to ask and details to make note of. Take this course so that when your Masters begins, you already feel at home. 

International Summer Course

Department of German as a Foreign Language

The International Summer Course at the University of Tübingen offers you four weeks of intensive, communicative German lessons in which you will quickly develop your language skills. A diverse extracurricular programme takes place every day.