The Center for Media Competence is a central institution of and commercial operation at the University of Tübingen. We produce films and provide services for research and teaching, particularly in within Media Studies.

We train students in the use of technology and equipment.

We encourage young talent in the various communication media and provide, to that end, internships. With professional equipment and expertise. You can rent our premises and equipment. We also offer our services to external partners.

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Exploring Education, Promoting Education

Scientists and researchers at the Hector Research Institute of Education Sciences and Psychology and the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF) in Frankfurt are jointly working on the project Hector Kinderakademie which supports highly talented children in the state of Baden Württemberg. The ZFM produced a short film giving us a brief introduction to their research.

Bachelors in Law Enforcement

The ZFM produced a short film for the Police Department of the state of Baden-Württemberg. The film offers a brief introduction to the Bachelors Program in the field of Law Enforcement.

LEAD Retreat

LEAD is a graduate school and a research network at the University of Tübingen. More than 130 researchers are a part of this interdisciplinary group and primarily conduct research in the field of empirical educational policy. ZFM recently shot a short film for them during their Retreat in Bad Urach.

Intercultural Management Consultancy

Dr. Gnann of the IMB is a renowned coach for training perceptions, understanding of the backgrounds of the „Other“ and clever self-management. The consultancy firm based out of Tübingen are specialists in the field of intercultural competence. The ZFM recently produced an Imagefilm for them.

The Poetics-Lectureship's 20th Anniversary

20 years, 30 lectureships, nearly 50 authors. The Tübingen Poetics-Lectureship celebrates with a look back at two decades of stories and thought-provoking discussions with and about authors such as Susan Sontag, Günter Grass and Amos Oz. The ZFM produced a film for the anniversary.

Brave New World

What far-reaching socio-economic and societal consequences do technical innovation and the development of artificial intelligence bring with them? The panel discussion "Codes of the Future - The Omnipotence of Algorithms," which was organized by the ZFM for the showing of the film "Brave New World - How Silicon Valley Determines Our Future" in the Tübingen cinema Museum can be viewed again here. With Prof. Dr. Claus Kleber (ZDF), Prof. Dr. Dr. Friedrich W. Hesse (Leibniz Institute for Knowledge Media), Markus Schmidt (Robert Bosch GmbH), Prof. Dr. Susanne Biundo-Stephan (Institute of Artificial Intelligence, University of Ulm), and moderator, Prof. Dr. Susanne Marschall (Department of Media Studies).

We Move Tübingen

For ten years, the Alliance for Family has campaigned for a family-friendly Tübingen. To celebrate, the ZFM and the Alliance created the film "We Move Tübingen," which introduces the network's movers and shakers as well as its work.

French Film Festival--Tübingen/Stuttgart

Students and trainees film and edit reports before and during the French Film Festival; they also conduct interviews, broadcast live, post videos, photos and comments to the blog and social media. FestivalTV is also shown before each screening during the festival. More info can be found here.

Media Lectureship in Live Broadcast

On 07 June, along with CampusTV, the ZFM realized a live broadcast for the Media Lectureship in the ceremonial hall of the Neue Aula. The program, including Sascha Lobo's complete presentation, can be found on youtube.

ESIT - Successfully Studying in Tübingen

The ESIT project at the University of Tübingen, funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research, stands for a new culture of teaching and learning. ESIT provides students and teachers a wide variety of assistance and support. The ZFM produced two animated films: a teaser for the "Day of Teaching" and a promotional film.

Education Ambassador Kaltrina

She is a student with an immigration background. The psychology student sees her studies as an opportunity to gain freedom and independence. On behalf of the University Communications Office, the ZFM filmed a short portrait of Kaltrina, education ambassador at the University of Tübingen.

Shaping the Future

In its March 2016 issue, "Zukunft gestalten," the magazine for entrepreneurs and managers, featured a conversation with ZFM manager Kurt Schneider about the center as an interface between study and work experience. The magazine can be downloaded as a PDF here.

SEURAT-1 - Alternatives to Animal Testing

The ZFM on a filming expedition: On behalf of ARTTIC and the Department for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, a 30-minute film about the EU project SEURAT-1 was filmed in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and Germany. Within SEURAT-1, scientists research alternatives to animal testing.

Doctoral Studies at IWM

For the Leibniz Institute for Knowledge Media (IWM), supporting young researchers is an important task. The ZFM produced a film in German and English which shows the diversity of doctoral programs at the IWM.

Balm for the Soul

The Württembergian Philharmonic of Reutlingen (WPR) created a series of concerts for a special target group: dementia sufferers and their companions. The ZFM attended the November 2015 premiere of "Seelenbalsam" at the WPR Studio in Reutlingen with a film crew. A documentary on the subject "Dementia and Music" is currently being produced as a master's thesis in Media Studies.

Intercultural Crash Course

The Department of German as a Foreign Language and Intercultural Programs commissioned the ZFM to create a film about the "International Summer Course." A camera team accompanied the students in August as they learned German and made spaetzle.

Alarm! How to Behave During a Fire

Super-Markus from the University of Tübingen has a mission: What is one supposed to do when fire breaks out in a university building? The Department of Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection commissioned the ZFM to create a film with and by master students in Media Studies. The film was shown in the larger lecture halls on October 27, 2015, during "Safety Day."

Video Recording: Claus Kleber's Inaugural Lecture

On June 2, 2015, in the ceremonial hall of the Neue Aula in Tübingen, the ZFM recorded Claus Kleber's inaugural lecture "Save Journalism! What For?" using four cameras. In training cooperation with SWR, "A/V Media Design" apprentices took over the camera work. Watch the video on our youtube channel.

CMEPS - Studying in Tübingen & Cairo

The Institute for Political Science commissioned ZFM to make a film for the International Master's Program CMEPS (Comparative & Middle East Politics and Society).

A Promotional Film for the Geosciences

The Department of Geosciences commissioned the ZFM to make the film "Studying Applied and Environmental Geoscience (AEG) in Tübingen."

New in Tübingen - Professor Portraits

Since February 2011, the Center for Media Competence, in partnership with the University Communications Office and the Center for Data Processing, has supervised the project "New in Tübingen." New professors at the University of Tübingen are introduced both professionally and personally. Archives

"Lotte Reiniger - Dance of Shadows" - now on DVD

Lotte Reiniger's silhouette films are legendary and established a film genre. A new generation of filmmakers has continued this tradition in the new millennium. Lotte Reiniger charms with her silhouette films, as this DVD about her life, work and influence shows.

Order from absolute medien.

"Lotte Reiniger - Dance of Shadows"

We have the German artist Lotte Reiniger to thank, and not - as is often claimed - Walt Disney, for the first feature-length animated film in history. In 1926, the virtuoso of the silhouette conjured the "Adventures of Prince Achmed" onto the silent movie screen and invented a new form of art film which exists somewhere between Art Nouveau aesthetics, Expressionism and fairy tales. The sixty minute documentary shows Reiniger's topicality, which, to this day, inspires the art of young animators.

The film was made at the chair for film and television studies at the Institute for Media Studies and is a co-production of the University of Tübingen with EIKON SÜDWEST and ARTE. Directors: Susanne Marschall, Rada Bieberstein and Kurt Schneider. In cooperation with the City Museum of Tübingen and funded by the State of Baden-Württemberg and the MFG Baden-Württemberg, teachers, master students and staff of the ZFM worked on the ambitious project which rediscovers a major film artist.

CampusTV Reports: Making Of / Premiere Animation Festival Stuttgart.

The official website for the film "Lotte Reiniger - Dance of Shadows".

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