Advertise a position on the University website

Are you an employee of the University seeking to publish a job vacancy at the University of Tübingen on the website? You will find the information you need here.

External positions

Please note: Jobs advertised by non-University bodies are published on the University of Tübingen Praxis Portal. In such cases, please write to praxisportalspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de

How to create a job advertisement

  • As a service to you, Human Resources provides a template Musterstellenanzeigen zum Download (pdf) (intranet login required)
  • Please check your job posting carefully before publication. In particular, the following information is required: the position to be filled, the number of hours to be worked, job and requirements profile, application deadline (at least 2 weeks after publication), desired start date, pay grade and contract term (time-limited/unlimited).
  • Please ensure that your advertisement contains the following: “Disabled candidates will be given preference over other equally qualified applicants.” This notice is required by law.
  • Please be sure to include the following when advertising academic positions: “The University seeks to raise the number of women in research and teaching and therefore emphatically calls on qualified women to apply.”
  • In areas in which women are underrepresented, the following sentence must be included: “We urge women to apply.”
  • For non-academic full-time positions, the advertisement must contain the sentence: “The position may be shared between part-time employees.”


If you have any questions about the content of your job posting or the procedure for filling a position, Human Resources will be happy to help.

Publication of your job advertisement on the Internet

  • Please send your job advertisement by email to the University’s central online editors at: ordspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de
    Please send us only files in Word format (docx) and specify the category of your job advertisement (academic staff, academic support staff, student and research assistants or training). The job advertisement will appear according to category when selected in the filter on the Job vacancies page on the University website. Multiple categories per job advertisement are not possible, so please define one clear category. Thank you.

Procedure for internal job advertisements

  • Please clarify in advance with the Human Resources Division whether an internal advertisement is possible.
  • Please send your job advertisement with the clear note "internal" to the central online editorial office of the University of Tübingen, e-mail: ordspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de  Please only send files in Word format (docx). Your advertisement will then be published on the Internal job advertisements page. (Intranet login required)