The University of Tübingen is proud of its achievements in basic research. At the same time, we never lose sight of potential applications. This is why we are interested in transferring our research results to business and society, but are also open to research questions that are posed to us by policy makers, companies or institutions. A number of companies with a strong research background have emerged directly from the University of Tübingen and are still closely associated with us today. We actively support our scientists who want to transform their research results into marketable products or even set up their own company.

Technology transfer

The Technology Transfer Office at the University of Tübingen advises and supports companies, inventors, scientists and business start-ups on collaboration between science and industry.

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Start-up support

The start-up funding program advises and supports researchers who want to set up their own companies. We also offer training courses and help in finding suitable funding.

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Industry Liaison Office

Since 2013, the Industry Liason Office has assisted in collaborative projects between the university and various companies. Its objectives are to inform scientists about the potential commercial applicability of their research and promote ongoing collaboration between industry and science.

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