Gender Equality Office

The Gender Equality Office supports the University’s Gender Equality Representative, the Senate equality committee, and the faculties’ gender equality officers and committees. The office also informs on the broad issues of equal opportunities for men and women in studies and academia.

The Equal Opportunities Office offers counselling on all questions related to the topic of equal opportunities in science and higher education. Consultations are available by telephone, email and Zoom as well as in person.

The Family Office provides information on topics related to the compatibility of family with science and studies. The Diversity Office provides advice on concerns and questions on the topic of diversity.

Contact persons at the Gender Equality Office

Aileen Priester: Athene Program. Tel.: 29 - 7 49 54

Melanie Stelly: TEA program, Athene Mentoring and responsible for the Faculties of Protestant and CatholicTheology, the Center for Islamic Theology, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Philosophy. Tel.: 29 - 7 78 30

Anke Wenta: Athene Grant, Appointments and responsible for the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.Tel.: 29 - 7 49 59

Susanne Weitbrecht: state's funding programs and responsible for the Faculty of Medicine, Tel.: 29 - 7 77 51

All staff members can be reached via the functional email address: gleichstellungsbuerospam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de