Career development

Your talent and your dedication are the foundations of our excellence. So we offer you numerous opportunities as well as individualized advice and support to continue developing. We foster your future. 

For academic support staff

If you want to chair meetings and give presentations confidently, conduct difficult discussions, improve your English or hone your IT skills, we offer you the opportunity to build on your strengths and expand your areas of expertise.

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For Postdocs

Researchers have to be able to do more than research. So we offer a comprehensive program of continuing professional development (CPD) in the fields of teaching, career development, leadership and management.

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Athene Grant

As part of its strategy, the University of Tübingen offers the Athene grant to promote women academics in the postdoc phase. The Athene grant is intended to support academic work, individual career planning, and the acquisition of interdisciplinary skills.

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For managers

Planning and realizing change initiatives, taking decisions, conducting orientation sessions: as a manager it all depends on the right attitude and an ongoing ability to reflect on one’s leadership. With our practical courses, development programs for managers, collegial advice, team development measures and individual coaching, we support managers whether they are new to their role or highly experienced.  

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For professors

Excellent research, teaching, administration and leadership: we can help you with onboarding events, management days, a qualification program when you are taking up your first professorship, a changing range of courses, collegial advice, team development, individual coaching and a variety of advisory services. 

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Human Resources Strategy for Researchers

In 2017, we became one of the first German universities to be certified in the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) audit. We are continuously working to improve your research and working conditions. 

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Reasons to work for us