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Our current job offers for academics

Current job offers

Appointment process

Help to shape the future of the university as a professor. The appointment process is commensurate with the importance of this role. Below, we explain what is involved in this process, the criteria and how long it takes.

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We foster your academic career


We have an onboarding program at the University of Tübingen for professors who are moving here or taking up their first appointment, as well as for junior research group leaders. This aims to welcome you and your first few months here easier.

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LEA - Leadership and Excellence in Academia

When you start your first professorship, our modular qualification program for management helps you develop efficient structures and make use of tried-and-tested leadership tools to organize your everyday managerial tasks successfully. 

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Research service

Our research service offers comprehensive advice services to support you throughout your academic work. Ask for information about financing options, calls for applications, and start-up support.

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Team development

To help you overcome challenges, you can take team development sessions with external trainers or coaches.

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For international professors

Professorship in Germany

The characteristics and duties of a German professorship in Germany may be different from what you are familiar with. You can find a brief introduction here.
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The German Research Landscape

“The German Research Landscape” brochure 
Produced by the Research in Germany initiative, which is funded by the German government, this brochure offers initial insights into the German research landscape.  
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Have we offered you a job or a scholarship? Congratulations and welcome! You can find key information about moving to Tübingen here.
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Our Welcome Center

We support you before and during your stay at our university. International researchers are welcome to talk to us about any non-academic and practical matters.  
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Your pay

Professors at German universities are paid in accordance with the “W-Besoldung” salary scale (W1, W2 or W3). This varies depending on the federal state. Individual remunerations comprise the basic salary (graded depending on experience) and additional variable salary components.
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The German welfare state

Social insurance, health insurance and pension
Usually, professors are employed as public servants with “Beamte” status. You can read about how this benefits your social insurance, health insurance and pension here.
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Maternity leave, parental leave, family allowance
The family receives special protection from the German state. If you work in Germany you are entitled to various benefits to help you combine family life and work. 
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Learning German

Our German as a foreign language department offers various ways of learning German – in the mornings and evenings too.  
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Reasons to work for us