Advice and information

The University of Tübingen offers a number of different services which give helpful advice if you are planning to study in Tübingen or if you are already enrolled here - whether you are just beginning, are well into your studies, or are finishing your studies and planning a career. Directly below, you will find a list of these services, sorted according to topic as well as according to the different phases of studying.

Counseling and information services (by topic)

Here you can find the most important counseling and information services at the University of Tübingen, sorted by topic and area of responsibility.

General counseling

Administration, classes, exams

Finances, accommodation, jobs

Student groups and initiatives

Subject-specific counseling

International topics

Writing, research, academic skills

Services outside the university

Counseling and information services (by study phase)

Here you can find counseling and information services for matters that may be relevant during the various phases of your studies at the university of Tübingen.

Before your studies

During the course of your studies

At the beginning of your studies

In the final phase of your studies

If you are not sure who might be the best contact person for you, you can contact the Info-Point for students or the Student Counseling Service (ZSB).