Services offered by student groups and initiatives

Tübingen Students' Union (StuRa)

  • Representation of student interests
  • Support and promotion of student initiatives
  • Task groups on various topics related to the university
  • Interdisciplinary advice and assistance by students for students

Tübingen Student's Union (StuRa)
Wilhelmstr. 30 (Clubhaus)
+49 7071 29-72636
buerospam prevention@stura-tuebingen.de

Student representatives (Fachschaftsvertretungen)

  • Representation of student interests in the individual departments
  • Subject-specific advice and assistance by students for students

Overview of student representatives at the University of Tübingen:


Student groups and initiatives

  • Student activities on a variety of topics
    • Politics
    • Society
    • Sustainability
    • Culture
    • ...

Overview of student initiatives at the University of Tübingen:

Info-Point for students (Student services)

  • Initial information and guidance, e.g. regarding contact persons in the building Wilhelmstr. 19 or contacts for certain questions, topics and responsibilities
  • Study information documents and administrative forms
  • Clarification of problems with ALMA

Info-Point for students
Wilhelmstr. 19, room 0.17 (ground floor)