Erasmus and Exchange to Tübingen

You are studying at one of our partner universities around the world and would like to come to Tübingen on exchange for one or two semesters? Welcome to our beautiful city! We are delighted that you have chosen the University of Tübingen and the Incoming Team of the Exchange Student Service Center is happy to support you. Below, you will find important information for your time as an exchange student.

Explore the world, feel at home in Tübingen!

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Application and Preparation
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Course Options
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Arrival and Studying
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Academic Advisors
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Departure and Transcript
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Buddy Program and StudIT

All important dates and deadlines are summarized for each semester in our Academic Calendar, so you can easily keep track. Do you have further questions? Maybe our detailled FAQ section can help, or you can contact the Incoming Team. We are glad to be of assistance and we hope that your time in Tübingen will be a great experience.
We look forward to meeting you  – Your Incoming Team!

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Academic Calendar
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Team und Contact

Timetable for the Winter or Summer Semester

Here you find a quick overview for the winter semester | summer semester as the starting semester. The exact dates and deadlines are available in the academic calendar, details on the  websites.

April - May | Oct - Nov
April onwards | Oct onwards
June - Sept | Dec - March
July - Sept 15 | Feb - March 15
Sept - Begin Oct | March - Begin April
Mid-Oct | Mid-April
Dec - Jan | June - July
Jan 15 - Feb 15 | June - Aug 15
Feb - March | July - Sept
End of Feb - May | Aug - Nov