Housing in Tübingen

Once you've made a decision for a specific university, you are likely to ask yourself: What kind of housing would I prefer while I'm studying? You are probably looking forward to living away from home for the first time. There are also financial aspects to consider. On this page, we present some of the most common types of accommodation.

 Please note:  Finding an apartment or room in Tübingen can take some time. So start your search early.

Student residences

A room in a student residence hall / dormitory is good value for money. Note that in Germany, all student residences are self-catering – you usually share a kitchen as well as sanitary facilities and have a single room on your own. Still, life in dormitories differs widely: In some dorms, residents do a lot together in their free time and form a close community; in others, they tend to keep to themselves.

Shared apartments

A popular form of housing among students is sharing an apartment (Wohngemeinschaft, or WG for short). Similar to dormitories, life in WGs is various: Some apartments are shared by friends; in others, the flatmates aren't that close, but get together for joint activities from time to time. For some students, sharing a flat is an inexpensive way to live, but they are not that interested in forming a community. It's up to you what you make of a shared apartment.

Living alone

If you want to live alone, you can take a one-room flat, a mini-apartment just for yourself. However, this option usually involves higher costs.

Living as a lodger

There is also the option to live with other people in their apartment or house, e.g. with families or elderly people. They rent out a vacant room in their private living space.

Where do I find a shared flat, an apartment, or a room?

  • Notices in the canteen, in the Kupferbau lecture hall and in the Brechtbau (humanities building)
  • Adverts in the local newspaper (Schwäbisches Tagblatt) – the latest housing market ads are published every Wednesday.
  • Facebook groups, such as "Uni Tübingen WG Börse“,  „WG-Suche, WGs gesucht, Zimmer vermieten in Tübingen“ 
  • The private accomodation service of the Studierendenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim
  • On the most common housing platforms online

Further information:

Brochure "Housing in Tübingen" – The Student Counseling Service has compiled the most important information (in German).
City of Tübingen webpage on housing and accomodation (in German)