Contact Persons

The University of Tübingen offers a wide range of courses in career development, practical relevance and career entry. With the help of a brief introduction to the various university institutions and their central members, we offer an overview of the most important contact points and their tasks.

Practice & Profession

A close and early interconnection of university and professional world as well as the strengthening of practical experience in studies - these are the goals of practice & profession.

Through the career path events, students gain a first-hand insight into professional life at an early stage and can search for interesting working student, thesis and graduate positions as well as internships in the university's own practice portal.

Praxis & Beruf operates three coordination offices, each of which is affiliated to the three major faculties of the University of Tübingen. As an interdisciplinary team, its members look after the issues of all students in Tübingen.

Contact persons:

Coordination Office of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
+49 7071 29-78199
praxis-berufspam prevention@wiso.uni-tuebingen.de

Barbara Jaeger
Coordination Office of the Faculty of Philosophy
+49 7071 29-74259
praxisspam prevention@philosophie.uni-tuebingen.de