Family and career

Family Office

We will support you according to your own personal situation. Our Family Office advises and mediates when there are issues affecting the work/life balance. 

Family life on campus

Family rooms, KidsBox, child-friendly Mensa canteens: we offer family-friendly services, so that your child can feel at home on the campus. 

Family-friendly university

Since 2014 we have been certified an audited family-friendly university. That means that we are continually developing measures and improving the basic conditions to ensure you can balance work with family life. 

Flexible working hours

Family-related part-time work, working from home, sabbaticals – we offer various ways of organizing your work hours so that they suit your family life or caregiving. 

Caring for relatives

We will support you if someone in your family requires care. We offer information, advice and free events on the subject of caring for relatives. 

Information for international staff

The family receives special protection from the German state. If you work in Germany you are entitled to various benefits to help you combine family life and work. 

Parental leave

Each parent is entitled to up to three years’ parental leave to care for and raise children. Your contract of employment will be maintained while you are on parental leave.

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Parental allowance

Couples are entitled to a family allowance during the first 14 months of parental leave. This usually equals approx. 67% of the net salary (up to max. €1800) per month. 

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Maternity leave

To protect both mother and child, mothers are released from work for the six weeks prior to birth and eight weeks after. Your salary will continue to be paid.

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Child benefit

You will receive child benefit of €250 per month for each child.

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Child care

You can find more information about child care on the Tübingen Research Campus website.

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Family caregiver leave

If you need to stay home to care for a close relative, you can take unpaid leave from work for up to six months.

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