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International through Interdisciplinarity

The Faculty of Humanities is a multidisciplinary unit encompassing around 30 fields of study focused on research and education involving languages and cultures – past and present – from around the world. Due to the subject-related diversity of research contacts and the resulting scientific networks, the Faculty offers excellent research and study conditions.

International – beyond the world language of English

The cultural diversity represented within the Faculty enables intensive contacts with many other countries, which are made accessible to students from other subjects as well. This approach is exemplified by the Center for Japanese Studies in Kyoto, Center for Korean Studies in Seoul, and Center for Chinese Studies in Peking.

Student’s familiarization with international scholarship

Through the university's Teach@Tübingen program, the Faculty regularly recruits a large array of outstanding graduates and postdoctoral students from around the world. The junior researchers add to multilingual education opportunities in a number of subjects and allows the Faculty of Humanities to familiarize its students with current international research themes.

Expertise in different cultures and expanded language education

In the area of teaching, our top priorities are ensuring that the students develop a basic understanding of culture’s discursive nature, as well as foreign language instruction. Thus, the Faculty offers its students diverse opportunities for international exchange to deepen their academic knowledge, including several international and multilingual study programs which open up the possibility of binational degrees. These programs form the basis for a broad understanding of internationality, and are therefore of central importance for higher education.

The Faculty of Humanities would like to convey an informed understanding of responsibility and mutual respect in a globalized world to all its students.

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The Faculty of Philosophy maintains three branch offices in Asia: Kyōto, Seoul and Peking


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