Social and Cultural Anthropology

Welcome to the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology!

The following information is particularly relevant for first-year students:

- We have a student advisory service that can advise you on all subject-related questions concerning your studies: Subject-related study guidance please contact this e-mail address:

- All students are assigned mentors from our teaching team who will contact you. You can discuss everything to do with your studies with them and also ask questions that you do not know who could answer.

- All staff and lecturers offer consultation hours; you can find the contact details and times on the respective person's page.

- We have a very active student council, which you can reach at this address:


Helpful for all our students:

- Opening times, offers and restrictions of our department’s library can be found here: Bibliotheksseite

- For certificates/specialist advice, please contact the email address of the Student Advisory Service:

- MA students who have questions regarding certificates or general advice, please contact:

- Information on office hours can be found on the respective staff page.

- Summer semester 2024: please see for courses on ALMA (5 Philosophische Fakultät → Ethnologie):


We wish you all a successful and enjoyable summer term 2024, a good start in Tübingen for the new arrivals and look forward to fruitful future cooperation.

Gabriele Alex und Karin Polit

To help you decide whether studying social and cultural anthropology (in Tübingen) is right for you

We designed a free online class that covers major questions of the MA program such as:

  • What is social and cultural anthropology?
  • What are the learning objectives? How does the study experience look like? What job perspectives come with a Master in social and cultural anthropology?
  • Which kind of core competencies are needed/learned?
  • How does the application process look like?

To start the online class, please, follow this link

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