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Welcome to the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology

The webpages of the department for social and cultural anthropology are currently under construction. To help you find your way, however, we have thematically summarized the links to the most important pages around the study of social and cultural anthropology at the University of Tübingen. We are in the process of translating the website step by step.

A warm welcome to you!

We would like to welcome all our students!

And a very special welcome to our freshmen of the BA and MA Ethnology, who can find valuable ressources here.

We are pleased that you have decided to study Social and Cultural Anthropology/Ethnologie.
On November 2nd and 3rd, we would like to welcome you personally at the beginning of the semester.

For this purpose, introductory events for all BA and MA first semesters will take place on Monday, November 2nd and Tuesday 3rd, 2020 in our institute and museum at the castle. You will visit the institute in small groups and we will clarify the organizational questions together. You will also be able to talk to the student council and other students.
Please register here
Students who can’t join on 3rd Novmeber please contact Chantal Arold via email.

Meetingpoint is at the "Fünfeckturm" at the Schloss Hohentübingen. Which is located after the first portal of the castle. Walk up the hill heading the tree in front. The Fünfeckturm is left behind the tree on the left corner of the wall of the castle. Before the second portal.

Due to Covid 19 please wear a mask in all facilities of the University and take care of the regulations of the University like the distance regulations to other persons. You are also obliged to fill in this form to take part in the event.

Introductory information and a introduction of our teaching staff can be found here.

The courses in the wintersemester will be partly in attendance and partly online. The lectures will all take place online. Further details will be announced soon.

If you have any questions, please write to gabriele.alexspam

Further information for students of ethnology:

Due to Covid 19 there are some restrictions. We can offer you the following support services:

  • The library will be accessible for work, but only by appointment. No more than 5 people are allowed to work in the library at the same time. The windows must always be open, students must wear a mouthguard and have a distance of 2 meters between each other.
  • We will provide computers with internet access for students in the library, in the Barthel Room and in one of the offices. This must also be done by appointment, as not too many people should be in one place at once. The computers will be disinfected after each use and users are asked to use a hand disinfectant before use.
  • The organisation of the use of the library and the computers is the responsibility of our scientific assistants. You can book a workspace here
  • You could also send an e-mail to to ask for another time slot.
  • For students who have Internet access but no device, we can offer 3 tablets for loan.
  • For certificates (Bafög) please contact Dr. PD. Klocke-Daffa or Prof. Alex.
  • Consultation hours are only available by phone, email or video conferencing, please contact the teaching staff.
  • The biggest changes could be in the planning of the mobility semester. We will contact you here and find a solution together.

We will keep you informed about further developments. Please feel free to contact us if there are any problems or questions that have arisen due to the developments in the context of the pandemic.

Stay healthy and take care of yourself!

Gabriele Alex and Karin Polit


Dear students of Social and Cultural Anthropology in mobility term,

some of you are in the mobility term, or you are planning to leave for the mobility term. Due to the infection control measures regarding the Covid -19 Pandemic, you may be restricted in your return journey or may have to change your plans for the mobility term at short notice. We have the following information and requests for you in this regard:

  • Those who are abroad because of your mobility term and are now affected by flight restrictions or experience other restrictions on your return journey: Please remain calm and try to wait for the next possible flight. Please do not try to get home by land or sea. By doing so you only endanger yourself and others. Be patient, the next flight will leave and bring you home safely. Remember that you do not belong to the endangered group and that the authorities are concerned to keep infection routes as traceable as possible. Air travel is therefore the safest, most sensible and responsible way to travel back home, even if it requires a lot of patience.
  • Those of you who return  from one of the risk areas *The current list of risk areas, can be obtained from the Robert Koch Institute, applies: or who have had contact with a confirmed COVID-19 sufferer within the past 14 days, contact the local health authority immediately. This must be done in any case - regardless of the occurrence of the symptoms. (Public health department Tübingen: 07071-207-3303;
  • Those who plan to complete their mobility term during the summer semester must expect travel restrictions and possibly postpone their mobility term.  

For all of you: Please contact us if you do not know how to proceed.  We are happy to help and are glad to know that you are doing well!

Gabriele Alex and Karin Polit

To help you decide whether studying social and cultural anthropology (in Tübingen) is right for you

We designed a free online class that covers major questions of the MA program such as:

  • What is social and cultural anthropology?
  • What are the learning objectives? How does the study experience look like? What job perspectives come with a Master in social and cultural anthropology?
  • Which kind of core competencies are needed/learned?
  • How does the application process look like?

To start the online class, please, follow this link:

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