Social and Cultural Anthropology

Introduction to the B.A. Ethnology at the University of Tübingen

The study program

The three-year B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) degree program in Anthropology consists of a major and a minor. The B.A. degree in Anthropology may be studied as a major or minor. Admission is currently open.


1. and 2. year: Basics and subject areas of the course, methodological exercises (seminars, lectures and tutorials); seminars on different regions; basics in theoretical and applied seminars; courses of regional languages.

2. year: Linking theoretical and regional bodies of knowledge, interrelationships between local, regional, supra-regional / global contexts.

3. year: Internship, study abroad or study project at home or abroad; B.A. thesis with accompanying colloquium.


Recommended minors are:


The study of anthropology requires a compulsory good reading knowledge of English from the beginning. Knowledge of French is desirable.

Mobility Semester

Major students complete a mobility semester (internship, study project or study abroad) in the 5th semester. The Department of Anthropology supports and facilitates the stay through contacts with institutions in the regions, through cooperation agreements with regional universities, and, if necessary, also through integration into own research projects.

Occupational fields

For Tübingen's B.A. Ethnology with its regional, linguistic and intercultural educational profile, mid-level jobs at international institutions, in intercultural management, in the field of development cooperation as well as in the field of migration and integration are possible. Professional internships after completion of the B.A. for further qualification are highly recommended. A Master's degree increases the chances of entering the aforementioned professional fields and is a prerequisite for an intended research activity (doctorate).