Social and Cultural Anthropology

Orientation guide for new students

Step by step to the schedule

How do I start?
  1. Learn about the courses offered and get to know the structure of the study program
    • Overview module tables (Major or minor)
  2. Weekly schedule overview
  3. Log in to ALMA (with the ZDV login ID) and search for the required courses in the course catalog.
    • Access data: The access data for ALMA will be sent to the address provided to the Registrar's Office after enrollment.
  4. From this create the timetable.
How do I register for the events?
  1. Via the ALMA portal of the University of Tübingen (see above under "How do I get started?", point 3).
  2. In order to access the digital semester apparatus via the e-learning platform Ilias or Moodle, you must log in. You will receive the passwords for this in the individual courses.
    • The digital semester apparatus contains the literature of the courses and papers, homework and PowerPoint presentations can be uploaded.
Wo finde ich Hilfe?
  1. Contacts
  2. Studium Professionale exclusively for the beginning of the study
    • Working & learning techniques for personal study organization
    • Courses that help to learn to study
What are generic competences?
  1. Scientific subject qualifications & interdisciplinary competences or key qualifications can be acquired within the framework of the Studium Professionale in the following areas:
    • Basic knowledge and interdisciplinary competence
    • Methodological and communication skills
    • Social competence, intercultural competence
    • Personality skills
    • Vocational field orientation
  2. Fachsprachenzentrum (FSZ): Foreign language competence
    • Here you can find a wide range of foreign language courses