Social and Cultural Anthropology

Student Council of the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology

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Who we are

The student council comprises students who represent the entire student body of the anthropological department in Tübingen. We champion your concerns and interests on different levels. Additionally, we strive to make studying anthropology colorful, rich in variety and inspiring. Our objective is to mediate between professors, staff, and students. We also act as your port of call for all kinds of questions and problems that may occur during your study program.

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Members of the student council

Name Responsibility Contact

Magdalena Warner

student council chairperson Email

Adrian Raum

student council member Email

Leonie Metzger

social media Email
Vivien Karcz student council member


Kim Fabian Wöllhaf

quality managment resources administration Email
Jean-Pierre Kiener

quality managment resources administration

Jana Feucht quality managment resources administration Email
Paul Henning quality managment resources administration Email
Katharina Georgieff

student council member

Ralf-Peter Moell student council member Email
Marie-Luz Gonzalez student council member Email
Juliette Parche student council member Email
Nathalie Omeirat student council member Email

Credit points

BA students (major or minor) can earn 3 CP in Professional Skills by participating regularly. Students leading the student council or organizing events, such as the Sommerfest (summer party), receive 6 CP.

All students must participate regularly (Enroll on Campus).

What we do

We are looking forward to welcoming people to our ranks who are eager to actively shape student life with us because studying can be so much more than just taking courses!!!

approach us, send an email or come to our meetings.

See you soon!

 - the student council