Faculty of Humanities

The University branches in East Asia

For the Faculty of Humanities the university branches in Asia – in Kyōto, Seoul und Peking – are of utmost importance. For our students, these branches provide the opportunity to spend time in Asia early on in their studies. This does not only strengthen their language skills, but also the understanding for culture and country. Furthermore, those branches form crucial strongholds for the international cooperation between the University of Tübingen and the respective countries in the areas of research and teaching.

Tübingen Center for Japanese Studies at Doshisha University

The Tübingen Center for Japanese Studies (TCJS) has existed for more than twenty years. With its center in Kyōto, which is unique Europe-wide, the Department of Japanese Studies at the University of Tübingen offers its students an extraordinary opportunity to learn and experience the language and culture of Japan on location.

Tübingen Center for Korean Studies at Korea University

The Tübingen Center for Korean Studies at Korea University (TUCKU) in Seoul was established in spring 2012 and is located on the campus of Korea University. Talented students and highly qualified exchange professors form Korea University are granted scholarships from the University of Tübingen.

A new agreement is currently being prepared.

The European Centre for Chinese Studies at Peking University (ECCS) was founded by the Universities of Tübingen and Copenhagen in 2001, in cooperation with the renowned Peking University (PKU). Students can participate in a tailored one-semester language program or even enroll in the B.A. study program “Chinese Studies with a Vocational Focus” established in 2012.