Korean Studies

Welcome to the Department of Korean Studies at Tuebingen University!

The Korean Studies Department at Tuebingen University conducts a Bachelor's and a Master's degree program. In addition to an intensive Korean language program, the coursework focuses on modern Korean history, society and culture.

Integrated Study Abroad Program

All undergraduate students majoring in Korean Studies are obligated and privileged to study at one of Tuebingen University's partner universities in Korea. This exchange year represents an integral part of the Korean Studies degree program in Tuebingen.

TUCKU – Tuebingen University's Center in Seoul

The Tuebingen Center for Korean Studies at Korea University (TUCKU) is Tuebingen University's center in Seoul. The center serves as main contact point for Tuebingen University's exchange students during their exchange year in Korea. It additionally organizes annual workshops and conferences, facilites academic exchange and maintains close ties with the TCJS Center in Japan


Our students in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs are exempted from expenses for the study abroad program and the intensive language courses at Tuebingen University's partner universities. Through the AKS Tübingen Global Korea Project, scholarships for excellent Master's students are granted.

King Sejong Institute Tuebingen

The Department of Korean Studies in Tuebingen directs the King Sejong Institute Tuebingen. The public is invited to participate in the Institute's various language and culture programs. The cultural programs are also open to students of Korean Studies.

B.A.-Program flyer (German)

M.A.-Program flyer (German)


In episode 11 of the Tübingen podcast "hochschulreif" the director of the department, Prof. Dr. You Jae Lee, introduces the major Korean Studies:

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