Korean Studies

Korean Studies

The Tübingen Korean Studies focuses on modern Korea in a regional and global context.

A bachelor's program and a master's program are offered to students.

In the bachelor's program, you study a major and minor in combination. Korean Studies can be studied both as a major and as a minor.

The Master’s program is designed as a mono course, which means that there is no second subject besides Korean Studies. The regular time of study is four semesters.
Students with outstanding acomplishments have the option of taking the MAKES dual degree master's program as a focus in the master’s course. In the MAKES program, you have to study in Korea for the second year and submit your master's thesis there. MAKES graduates receive two master's certificates, one each from the University of Tübingen and one from the Seoul National University.

The Tübingen Korean Studies is based on a 5-year standard course, consisting of a Bachelor and Master. Great importance is given to combining a high level of professional competence with a high level of language competence, which can only be achieved through the master’s degree. The Master's in Korean Studies is therefore designed as a consecutive course that builds on a previously completed Korean Studies Bachelor's degree.

Ideally, at the end of their training, graduates of Korean Studies Tübingen can look back on 5 years of study, including two years abroad in Korea, whereby they have acquired Korean language skills at the advanced level (C2 GER), Korean and regional technical expertise and a high level of intercultural competence.

After completing their studies, graduates can contribute to a wide range of professional areas as Korea experts. Internships and / or practical projects in both the bachelor's and master's degree programs round off the area of ​​practical work experience.

Study programs

Bachelor Koreanistik / Korean Studies
 Master Koreanistik / Korean Studies
Master Politik und Gesellschaft Ostasiens


A doctorate in Korean studies is possible. If you are interested, please contact the professors of Korean Studies directly.

Information about the programs

 Bachelor - as Major / as Minor 


Application Information

The BA course (major and minor) has limited admission. Admission requirements for the MA Korean Studies are a completed Bachelor's degree in Korean Studies with at least a grade of 2.5 or an equivalent degree.

You can find detailed information on the website of the student secretariat:

 Application for a bachelor's degree

 Application for a master’s degree


If you have any questions about the application process and admission, please contact the Studentensekretariat.

B.A.-Program leaflet
M.A.-Program leaflet


In episode 11 of the Tübingen podcast "hochschulreif" the director of the department, Prof. Dr. You Jae Lee, introduces the major Korean Studies:

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