Korean Studies

Tübingen Global Korea Project

The Korean Studies Program at the University of Tübingen has been selected to receive an AKS (Academy of Korean Studies) Core University Program for Korean Studies grant from September 2016 to August 2021.

During the five-year “Tübingen Global Korea Project,” we will carry out three major initiatives:

1) institutionalize Korean Studies by establishing an independent department and the Tuebingen Center for Korean Studies;

2) expand and consolidate international integrative programs of BA, MA, and PhD; and

3) strengthen research on modern Korea in a global perspective through three research units on the Cold War, Colonialism, and Migration.

Under these three umbrella projects, we will finance two postdoctoral fellows and two doctoral students as well as provide scholarships to M.A. students; develop and publish teaching materials ranging from Korean language grammar books to a sourcebook on modern Korean history; conduct internal and regional workshops to strengthen further regional networks and scholarly exchanges; host five international workshops and publish findings in edited volumes; establish the Korean Migration History Archive; as well as supplement and strengthen programs that are already in existence, such as the robust weekly Korean Studies Lecture Series and the internationally integrated education program in which an exchange study program to Korea is required at all (BA, MA, PhD) levels.