Korean Studies

AKS Strategic Research Institute

Project Timeframe: 2021-2031

"Korean Studies from a European Perspective: Diversity, Solidarity, and Peace"

Project Objectives:

The Center for Korean Studies at the University of Tübingen aims to establish a network of Korean Studies in Germany and European countries with a joint E-school and graduate student education, research on Korean-German and Korean-European relations, the establishment of an archive for the Korean Diaspora as part of the Korean democratic and unification movements as well as the Korean-German / Korean-European Academy for Peace.

Contents of Project:

  1. Establishing a Korean Studies Education Network in Europe: Respecting Diversity
    • Founding a European E-School Consortium for Korean Studies: University of Tübingen (organizer), University of Stockholm, University of Aix-Marseille, University of Bucharest, and Sapienza University of Rome. (can be extended)
    • Exchange of Korean Studies graduate students in Europe, introduction of a joint advisor and joint degree system, establishment of a summer school, and close collaboration with graduate students in Korea and North America.
  2. Research on Korean-German/European Relations: Relationship of Solidarity
    • Publication of a research series on the history from the beginning to the present of Korean-German relations,
    • Research on the history of Korean-European relations
    • Research on Korean migration to and the Korean diaspora in Europe
  3. Korean-German Academy for Peace and the Korean Diaspora: Building of peace
    • Establishment of an oral history archive for the Korean Diaspora and a digital archive for sources on the Korean-European relations.
    • Building the Korean-European Academy for Peace with Korean studies students from Europe and Korean students, Cooperation with Korea University and the Friedrich Nauman Foundation
    • Translation of the 50 Korean short stories, exchange between translators in Europe, and invitation program for Korean writers.