Korean Studies

4th TUDOKU Conference 2018

“Transnational Perspectives on Medicine, Healing and Body: Cases from Japan, Korea, and Germany”


Alte Aula 
Münzgasse 30 
72070 Tübingen


Prof. Akiyama, Yoko
Prof. Eschbach-Szabo, Viktoria
Prof. Hattori, Osamu
Prof. Horres, Robert
Huang, Yongquan
Prof. Itagaki, Ryuta
Kawai, Ryūta
Prof. Jung, Byung Wook
Prof. Kim, Janice
Dr. Kim-Wachutka, Jackie
Prof. Lee, Yong-ki
Prof. Lee, You Jae
Dr. Oberwinkler, Michaela
Prof. Schrimpf, Monika
Prof. Shin, Chang Geong

Schedule of Sessions

Tuesday, September 4 (Arrival Day) 

18:30 Informal dinner (Restaurant Ludwigs)

Wednesday, September 5 

09:15-09:30 Opening address
by Prof. Dr. Monika Schrimpf (Tübingen University) and Osamu Hattori (Dōshisha University)

Session I: ‘Traditional’ and ‘Alternative’ Forms of Medicine
Chair: Viktoria Eschbach-Szabo (Tübingen University)

09:30-10:15 Yongquan Huang (Korea University)
A Study of Distribution and Consumption of Oriental Medicine in Korea during the Japanese Colonial Era

10:20-11:05 Chang Geong Shin (Dōshisha University)
Formation and Development of the Self-Image of Japanese Kanpō Medicine

11:05-11:20 Coffee break

11:20-12:05 Monika Schrimpf (Tübingen University)
Dichotomizing East and West in Contemporary Japanese Discourses about Buddhism and Medicine

12:10-12:55 Robert Horres (Tübingen University)
Forest Medicine and Forest Therapy: Between Medical Science, Wellness Movement and Tourism Strategy

12:55-15:00 Lunch break

Session II: Healthcare and Health Prevention
Chair: Michael Wachutka (Tübingen University)

15:00-15:45 Osamu Hattori (Dōshisha University)
The Healthcare Activities by the Homeopathic Association in Stuttgart-Wangen 1887-1927

15:50-16:35 Viktoria Eschbach-Szabo (Tübingen University)
The Concepts of Health Prevention for Ageing Society in Germany

16:35-16:50 Coffee break

16:50-17:35 Jackie Kim-Wachutka (Ritsumeikan University)
Ethnic and Inter-generational Space: Cultural Needs and Emotional Fulfillment for Multi-ethnic Elderly within Japan’s Long-Term Care Insurance System

18:30 Reception party and welcome by the president of University of Tuebingen, Alte Aula

Thursday, September 6 

09:15-09:30 Informal gathering, coffee

Session III: Body Concepts
Chair: Robert Horres (Tübingen University)

09:30-10:15 Ryuta Kawai (Dōshisha University)
The Creation of the New Jew in Imperial Germany

10:20-11:05 Yoko Akiyama (Dōshisha University)
Forced Sedentarisation of Yenish Children in Switzerland: Description of Travellers in the Bulletin of the “Kinder der Landstrasse” and Swiss Press

11:10-11:30 Coffee break

11:30-12:15 Michaela Oberwinkler (Tübingen University)
Body Representations in Digital Communication: The Case of LINE Stickers in Japan

12:15 – 14:00 Lunch break

Session IV: Everyday History
Chair: You Jae Lee (Tübingen University)

14:00-14:10 You Jae Lee (Tübingen University)
Introduction: the Idea of a Handbook of Everyday History in Korea

14:15-14:00 Jung Byung Wook (Korea University)
(Possibilities of) Everyday History of the Minjung (민중과 일상사(의 가능성))

15:05-15:50 Itagaki Ryuta (Dōshisha University)
Everyday Politics of Locality: Experiences of Personal Relationships between a Korean School and its Neighborhood in Japan

15:50-16:00 Coffee break

16:00 – 16:45 Janice Kim (York University)
Re-thinking Gender and the ‘Everyday’ in Colonial Korea

16:50-17:35 Lee Yong-ki (Korea National University of Education)
The Continuity of 'the Traditional' in the Documents Produced by the Minjung during the Japanese Colonial Era

17:35-18:00 Discussion

18:30 Dinner (Restaurant Forelle, Tübingen)