Korean Studies

King Sejong Institute Tübingen

The King Sejong institute at Tübingen University offers courses in Korean language to everyone interested. The courses are organized by the Department of Korean Studies and conducted along side with students of the Department by competent Korean lecturers. For further information regarding application procedure and course program, please refer to this site: Course Information

Aside from the language courses, the Institute offers a great variety of activities which help to acquaint oneself with Korean culture. Guest lecturers are invited for presentations, readings by Korean authors are organized and different excursions to museums and exhibitions are provided to help people further familiarize themselves with Korea and Korean culture.

Participation in the language courses is free of charge. Only expenses for teaching materials and travel expenses during excursions etc. must be paid by a participant.

The King Sejong Institute was established in September 2012.

The King Sejong Institute was established in 2007 by the Korean government in order to spread the Korean language and culture all around the world. Korean culture is rapidly gaining more and more interest in Germany, as well. After establishing the branch at Tuebingen University, the King Sejong institute now consists of 90 branches in 43 countries. The courses offered by the institute are open to the public and everyone interested is welcomed to participate.