Korean Studies


The Tuebingen Center for Korean Studies at Korea University (TUCKU) in Seoul was established in Autumn 2012 and is located on the campus of Korea University. Korea University was established in 1905 and with 35.000 students enrolled and 1.400 faculty members in 81 departments and 18 graduate schools it is one of the oldest and best private universities in Korea. 

left side: RIKS (Research Academy for Korean Studies).

This is where both the TUCKU and the managing director Dr. Unsuk Han's office are located. The managing director is in charge of coordinating the academic exchange between the two universities. Lecturing at Korea University and assisting the students from Tuebingen during their stay in Korea is also part of the managing director’s work.

Major in Korean Studies

Students with Korean Studies Major are required to complete a one year stay at the TUCKU during their 4th and 5th semesters. During that time, students are exempt from paying tuition at the Korean university and can stay in the dormitories on campus. In order to further deepen their linguistic and methodical skills, students will participate in intensive language courses and Korea-related seminars. The TUCKU helps students with organizing internships during the holidays that can be credited as BQ-points in Tuebingen. The integrated one year course at the TUCKU is a special feature of the Department of Korean Studies at Tuebingen University and unique in Germany.

Minor in Korean Studies

If free spots are available, students with Korean Studies Minor and students of other majors are also eligible to apply for the TUCKU program. The TUCKU also arranges further opportunities to study at other partner universities.

Korean Studies MASTER

Students who plan a stay in Korea during their Master, whether for field work or further education, also receive help and support for their academic carreer by the TUCKU.

 For further information, please contact Dr. phil. Unsuk Han.