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Examination regulations and Module Handbooks

General Information

The examination regulations listed here have been extracted from the “Amtliche Veröffentlichungen” [“Official Publications”]. The degree programs listed are part of the Faculty of Philosophy (“Humanities subjects”).

Changes in examination regulations (ER, German: “Prüfungsordnung”/PO) also affect students with older ER/PO versions, as usually transitional periods will apply for the completion of studies, i.e. the program must be completed within a specified period.


contains examination regulations and module handbooks of current study programs. The pdf files contain all all amendments to the statutes of specific programs.


The archive contains older examination regulations and module handbooks of study programs for which (initial) enrollment is no longer.

Examination regulations (ER/PO)

In general, they consist of two parts: the so-called General Provisions (GP, German: “Allgemeiner Teil”, AT) and Special Provisions (SP, German “Besonderer Teil”, BT). The GP/AT applies to one or more programs. Among other things, it regulates the grading system and deadlines. The SP/BT applies to one specific program; it lists the modules which have to be passed, and regulates, e.g., the calculation of the final overall grade
The examination regulations (PDF files) have been taken from the legally binding "Amtliche Bekanntmachungen".

"gültig seit"/effective as of:

specifies the date or semester the ER/PO come into effect. Please note that examination regulations and articles of amendment may apply retroactively, or from a specific date on.

Current ER/PO usually contain transitional regulations for expiring regulations. These stipulate when students under the old ER/PO have to complete their studies

Aktuelle PO enthalten zumeist Übergangsregelungen für auslaufende Ordnungen. Darin ist festgelegt, wann Studierende in der alten PO das Studium abschließen müssen.

MHB (module handbook)

The year denotes the date of creation. A module handbook usually applies retroactively, and thus replaces older MHBs, unless otherwise stated..