Student Affairs

Digitalization of Student Services

Driving change and transformation of student administration towards being a service oriented, intuitive and user friendly experience is a core target of University Tübingen administration. During this project administrative processes are being reasessed and evaluated to identify potentials for digitalized services at Tübingen University. Identified potentials are implemented in collaboration with the department IVS from the ZDV.

Section Head

Christian Stobbe, christian.stobbespam, Tel. 29 76835, Room 706, Rümelinstr. 23, 72074 Tübingen

Digitalization for International Students

Susanne Staub, susanne.staubspam, Room 706, Rümelinstr. 23, 72074 Tübingen


Department Technical implementation of examination regulations

Examination regulations and module handbooks are defined for every study course available. The technical implemantation of these examination regulations enables the digital management of examination results and objective calculation of grades in alma (HISinOne) as set forth in the examination regulation. Thus, one of the main functions of this team is beeing an interface between the ZDV, Central Examination Office, Dezenat III.1 und the departments. Additionally the department provides user support for their services.

Fabian Foghel Room 710
Helene Reichert Room 710
Florian Schwarzer Room 711
Office hours for Examinations Offices

Tuesday 10-12, Thursday 14-16

Questions regarding technical implementation of examination regulations and examination administration po-abbildungspam
Other technical questions and alma issues, especially related to courses alma-supportspam

Rümelinstr. 23, 72074 Tübingen