Center for Islamic Theology


The Center of Islamic Theology (ZITh) currently offers four courses of study:

The teaching at the Center for Islamic Theology is subdivided into the following key fields:

At present, seven professors, and a host of lecturers and visiting academics teach and conduct research on a vast array of subjects within the  by the central field of Islamic Theology. The research conducted here reflects the broad interests of its academic staff, ranging from classical disciplines in Islamic Theology and Oriental Studies to contemporary interests in religion and science, art, the social sciences as well as interfaith related themes. This includes, though is not limited to, research in philology, historical anthropology, history of ideas, legal and religious history, exegesis, prophetic traditions as well as systematic theology, philosophy of religion and legal theory. In addition, the instruction of Arabic language is central to academic life at the Zith. 

Students and Staff of the Center are also encouraged to take part in study abroad programmes (ERASMUS) by visiting one of our partner universities for study and/or teaching and research.