Religious Education Network

The Professorship of Islamic Religious Education and the Institute for Islamic Religious Education Research work closely together in several research projects and in teaching with Prof. Dr. Friedrich Schweitzer (Faculty of Protestant Theology) and Prof. Dr. Reinhold Boschki (Faculty of Catholic Theology) at the University of Tübingen. A particularly intensive research cooperation takes place with the Protestant and Catholic Institute for Vocationally Oriented Religious Education, EIBOR and KIBOR.

The research network includes the three chairs or religious education departments in the field of faculties of  Protestant Theology and Catholic Theology and the Center for Islamic Theology. Particular reference should be made here to the two institutes for professionally oriented religious education. (KIBOR, EIBOR), both of which have recently been positively evaluated by the Ministry of Science and the Arts and the University of Tübingen respectively, and which are now to be incorporated into the newly established structure of the cooperative network. In addition, there are further research projects in the three religious education disciplines that relate to other types of schools as well as to extracurricular forms of education. In addition, long-term cooperative relationships already exist in the area of teaching and research, which are to be consolidated and further improved with the newly founded association. In this respect, it is about an overarching construction that institutionally connects the three areas with each other, which should enable joint work.