DFG Research Units

The Research Units of the German Research Foundation (DFG) bring together a number of outstanding scientists to work together on one research topic exclusively. These groups are able to devote substantially more time and financial resources to their projects across a broader range of topics than is normally the case with individual research projects funded by the DFG. The Research Units are usually funded for a period of eight years, and often play a key role in establishing new directions in research.

Research Units at the University of Tübingen

Long-range Interacting Quantum Spin Systems out of Equilibrium: Experiment, Theory and Mathematics (Research Unit 5413)

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Igor Lesanovsky, Faculty of Science, Institute for Theoretical Physics

Duration: since 2022

Homepage of Research Unit 5413

De/Sacralization of Texts (Research Unit 2828)

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Birgit Weyel, Faculty of Protestant Theology, Practical Theology III

Duration: since 2021

Homepage of Research Unit 2828

Being Catholic in the German Federal Republic. Semantics, Practices, and Emotions in Western Germany's Society 1965-1989/90 (Research Unit 2973)

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Andreas Holzem, Faculty of Catholic Theology – Church History in the Middle and Modern Ages

Duration: since 2020

Understanding the Behaviour of Multinational Corporations in the Context of International Tax Institutions (Research Unit 2738)

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Georg Wamser, Economics – Public Finance

Duration: since 2019

Modal and Amodal Cognition: Functions and Interactions (Research Unit 2718)

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Barbabra Kaup, Psychology – Language and Cognition

Duration: since 2019

Homepage of Research Unit 2718

The Autotrophy-Heterotrophy Switch in Cyanobacteria: Coherent Decision-Making at Multiple Regulatory Layers (Research Unit 2816)

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Karl Forchhammer, Interfaculty Institute of Microbiology and Infection Medicine

Duration: since 2018

Homepage of Research Unit 2816

Epileptogenesis of genetic epilepsies (Research Unit 2715)

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Holger Lerche, Center of Neurology, Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research

Duration: since 2017

Migration and Mobility in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages (Research Unit 2496)

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Mischa Meier, Faculty of Humanitites - Ancient History

Duration: since 2016

Homepage of Research Unit 2496

Macromolecular Complexes in mRNA Localization (Research Unit 2333)

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Dierk Niessing, University of Ulm

Tübingen Vice-Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Ralf-Peter Jansen, Interfaculty Institute of Biochemistry

Duration: since 2015

Homepage of Research Unit 2333

ViroCarb: Glycans Controlling Non-Enveloped Virus Infections (Research Unit 2327)

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Thilo Stehle, Interfaculty Institute of Biochemistry

Duration: since 2016

Homepage of Research Unit 2327

Targeting Therapeutic Windows in Essential Cellular Processes for Tumor Therapy (Research Unit 2314), Würzburg, Tübingen

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Lars Zender, Department of Internal Medicine I, Tübingen University Hospital

Duration: since 2015

Homepage of Research Unit 2314

Words, Bones, Genes, Tools: Tracking Linguistic, Cultural and Biological Trajectories of the Human Past (Research Unit 2237)

Coordinators: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Jäger, Institute of Linguistics, and Prof. Dr. Katerina Harvati, Senckenberg Centre for Human Evolution and Palaeoenvironment

Duration: since 2015

Homepage of Research Unit 2237