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Early stone tools were not rocket science

Findings of University of Tübingen researchers challenge long-held assumptions about the stone tool…

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Defects in quartz crystal structure reveal the origin of dust

University of Tübingen research team uses properties of quartz in sediments to study sedi-mentary…

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Protein changes in the liquor indicate inflammatory processes in the brain

They could provide information about inflammatory processes in diseases such as Alzheimer's or…

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“I never knew there were people like me at university”

Knowledge communication can improve education opportunities for children with a migrant background

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Origins of the Black Death identified

Multidisciplinary team studied ancient plague genomes

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Pre-historic Wallacea – a melting pot of human genetic ancestries

To shed light on the archipelago’s settlement history, researchers sequenced and analyzed sixteen…

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A long history of European geckos

Research team with participation of the University of Tübingen investigates a fossil from Germany’s…

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