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The astonishing self-organization skills of the brain

Uncovering how neural circuits achieve a balance between excitation and inhibition

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When Wolves Became Dogs

The European domestic dog is presumed to have originated in Southwestern Germany

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Otters like juggling stones

Tübingen researchers investigate otters’ use of stones for work and play

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Carpets of moss help stop erosion

Tübingen geoscientists show how biological soil crusts prevent soil from being washed away

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Nanospheres measure the forces of cell motors

Tübingen researchers develop force microscopes for the nanoscale - The motor protein kinesin makes…

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New rapid test to detect coronavirus antibodies developed

Results in just twelve minutes – New test beats ELISA method – “Milestone in the development of…

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Cyanobacteria could revolutionize the plastic industry

Microbiologists at the University of Tübingen modify bacteria to produce climate-neutral and rapidly…

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Tübingen Early Prehistory and Quaternary Ecology Prize for Australian archaeologist Anna Florin

Food plant remains from 65,000 years ago show complex and time- consuming food preparation by the…

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