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Newly discovered: Fossil giant turtle named after Stephen King novel character

With a shell length of around 180 centimeters, the newly described species is one of the world's…

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Better contact increases stem cell donors’ availability

International researchers analyze world's largest donor registry data; donors more willing to donate…

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Early humans as engineers

University of Tübingen-led international research team investigates how our ancestors used the best…

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Earliest evidence of a complex adhesive in Europe

University of Tübingen researchers attribute items from French site of Le Moustier to Neanderthals –…

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Historian David Nirenberg receives the Leopold Lucas Prize

Research into violence and peaceful coexistence between religions - young talent award for…

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How a wayside weed builds up explosive force

Hairy bittercress makes its seed pods explode – University of Tübingen and MPI for Plant Breeding…

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Great success for the University of Tübingen in the excellence competition

Six cluster initiatives invited to submit full proposals – „location of top-level research both…

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The X-ray sky opens to the world

First eROSITA sky-survey data release throws open largest ever catalogue of high-energy cosmic…

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