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Newly developed curriculum improves students’ understanding of electric circuits in schools

Researchers at universities in Frankfurt and Tübingen have developed and empirically evaluated a new…

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New Dean heads Science Faculty

Faculty council votes for biochemist Thilo Stehle to succeed Wolfgang Rosenstiel; “A researcher with…

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Tübingen scientist gets awarded with the Leibniz Prize

Paleoanthropologist Katerina Harvati receives Germany's most important research prize

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eROSITA finds large-scale bubbles in the halo of the Milky Way

Gigantic hot gas structures above and below the Galactic disc are probably due to shock waves…

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The Long Road to Dementia

The chain reaction which leads to toxic protein deposits in Alzheimer’s disease starts even earlier…

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Microbes feeding on methane release arsenic into groundwater

Tübingen University researchers uncover mechanism by which bacteria dissolve arsenic-bearing…

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The temple of Esna in full color

German-Egyptian research project reveals the original pigments of inscriptions some 2000 years old

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Tooth marks and lost teeth offer insights into dinosaur feeding behavior

Tübingen paleontologists investigate finds from a 160-million-year old feeding frenzy in northwest…

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