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How invading pathogens switch off plant cells’ defenses

University of Tübingen research team discovers mechanism bacteria use to overcome plant cells’…

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A 3400-year-old city emerges from the Tigris River

Drought reveals urban center of the Mittani Empire

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Previously unknown crocodile species lived in Asia 39 million years ago

Maomingosuchus grew to four meters long - research team identifies fossils from Vietnam

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Unexpected differences between males and females in early mouse deer

Tübingen researchers study eleven million year old skull finds from Germany’s Hammerschmiede clay…

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Spectacular ceiling frescoes discovered in the Temple of Khnum at Esna

Tübingen researchers uncover previously unknown details of depictions of the goddesses Nekhbet and…

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Algorithm predicts which students will drop out of Math courses

Social science team at the University of Tübingen develops statistical method for separating…

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Forest plants now flower a week earlier than a century ago

University of Tübingen research team investigates shifts in seasonal development of early-blooming…

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