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Tübingen Early Prehistory and Quaternary Ecology Prize for Flavia Vendetti

Italian researcher shows how people recycled tools 400,000 years ago

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Small fish reflect on their enemies

The Yellow Black-faced Triplefin deflects sunlight to break their predator's camouflage

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The tips of a plant design its whole shape

Researchers headed by the University of Tübingen create a roadmap of the genes which drive plant...

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Dams endanger freshwater biodiversity

University of Tübingen study identifies dam projects which hit ecosystems hardest

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Fungus produces active agent in a medicinal herb

Tübingen and Dresden researchers discover that a fungus in Tatarinow’s aster produces bioactive...

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Grades before and after school reforms: Like comparing apples and oranges

Upper-school reforms may make it harder to compare grades, say University of Tübingen researchers

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New human ancestor discovered in Europe

Previously unknown primate living twelve million years ago in southern Germany walked on two legs –...

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Gender equality goes back to the Vikings

And it’s one reason why Scandinavia remains prosperous, say University of Tübingen economic...

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