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Social inequality in Bronze Age households

Archaeogenetic analyses provide new insights into social inequality 4000 years ago: nuclear families...

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Attempto Prize for research into memory formation

Doctoral candidates Svenja Brodt and Anuck Sawangjit chosen for new findings about brain functions

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The last mammoths died on a remote island

Isolation, extreme weather, and the possible arrival of humans may have killed off the holocene...

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Herbivores in the Holocene – eenie, meenie, miney, mo, and you must go!

The effects of environmental changes in the Holocene on megaherbivores are being studied

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Alfons Auer Ethics Award for former Irish President Mary McAleese

University of Tübingen: Faculty of Catholic Theology pays tribute to McAleese for her work...

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Global warming may diminish plant genetic diversity in Europe

Plant genetic diversity in Central Europe could collapse due to temperature extremes and drought...

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Retina-on-a-chip provides powerful tool for studying eye disease

Press release of the journal eLife and the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and...

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An Ice Age savannah corridor let large mammals spread across Southeast Asia

Tübingen research team finds evidence of an open landscape through which animals and people could...

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