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An Indian Otter in Germany

A new species of otter discovered at Hammerschmiede: Neptune’s Vishnu otter arrived 11.4 million…

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Machine learning improves biological image analysis

International team of researchers develops algorithm that accelerates super-resolution microscopy …

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Two branches of plant immune response closely linked

Study by University of Tübingen and Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research overhauls…

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Late Neanderthals used complex tool-making techniques

University of Tübingen team proves Middle Paleolithic humans in the Swabian Jura used experience and…

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First specific drug therapy for a severe early form of epilepsy

Medicine used to treat multiple sclerosis also helps in a rare form of genetic epilepsy - drug…

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Crocodile tours – fossil Caimans in North America

University of Tübingen researchers place Tsoabichi greenriverensis in the Caiman crocodile family…

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Oldest genome from Wallacea shows previously unknown ancient human relations

International research team isolates DNA from modern human buried 7,000 years ago on the Indonesian…

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Orangutans spontaneously use wooden hammers to crack nuts

University of Tübingen researchers show that orangutans do not need to be taught how to use a hammer

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